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We are the school of the environment, located in Yaoundé. We preserve the environment and train the next generation, need and appreciate the most.

The primary school that is following the maternal section, is the foundation and the very basis of education. Montaigne declares this: “a well-made rather than a well-filled head”.  This statement allows us to support the idea that a full head of primary education is the basis of education, it is the key to education and the staggering level of pupil training, because at this level, if the basics are poorly laid, the success of further education will not be easy to manage.  Manage a child education is to give him the weapons to defend himself alone in everyday life, in this sense, A. Bergé says: to teach him how to do without us

The primary school must allow each student to make the basic learning that will contribute to the gradual development of his intellectual autonomy and to address the knowledge that will be offered by the high school.  While acquiring the essential basic knowledge, the student must formally undertake the learning of the working methods that will be essential for his later studies and begin to learn other training contents as well as the main characteristics of the training of the society and the values ​​to be promoted.

Train not only the students to ensure the future of Africa and in particular Cameroon of tomorrow, but also to train man, the citizen on the ethical and moral plane to be the showcase of the society of tomorrow passing by adoption of good behaviours for the protection of environment.

  • Train bilingual citizens able to integrate into the society
  • Ensure that that students complying with the evolution of computer science and technology
  • Train not only man but also the good African and Cameroonians citizens

IBAY Sup campus offers an ideal environment for studies. The only noise that could be heard within the environment is from many birds residing in the forest surrounding the campus. The campus which covers over 4000 m2 comprises 30 classrooms, 2 Laboratories, an infirmary, a computer room with over 20 computers and a  satellite VSAT for a 24/24h internet connection. The campus has a restaurant, staff offices, a library, playground (under construction) and 2000 m2 experimental plot for practical lessons and a school bus.

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